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What is a digital strategy?

Can we agree that the past 2 years were like no other?

The challenges we've all had to face in our personal and professional lives have forced to adapt in so many ways - from who we include our lives, where we work and how we do our work.

Throughout this time, we have had to experience so many unknowns, but one thing we do know for sure is that making the shift to a digital-first approach is more crucial than ever.

Why is a digital-first strategy important?

It’s a mindset that asks, “how can we support and improve this initiative or operation by leveraging the power of data and technology?” That could be a large digital transformation for entertainment venues. But it can also be smaller, in how you highly personalize a communication without lifting a finger, automate a repeatable program process, or delight a non-profit donor with a perfectly timed thank you.

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