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The Ideal Guest Engagement Engine for Theme Parks

What is the ideal guest engagement engine for Theme Parks?

We've come up with 3 ways that will help maximize this:

1. Ticketing and Point of Sale

The obvious one - this is where all the revenue comes from. The more you can understand about who your guests are, what they bought etc, the more you can drive revenue!

2. Deflecting Complaints or Questions vis Chatbot

When was the last time you refreshed your FAQ's? Are they even the same questions guest services is receiving from guests? With Natural Language Processing (NPL) chatbots, you can quickly build a robust catalog of questions your guests are actually asking. The result, happier guests and lower operational costs.

3. In-venue Experience

Whether it's bringing chat inside the front gate, using a mobile app, SMS campaigns, virtual queuing - by being able to pull that data back into the core system like a CRM to know more about what they've done while they're on site is valuable to maximizing guest experience and driving revenue!

With a robust tool like Salesforce you can bring data from all these systems together, eliminate silos and unlock revenue across your venue. Imagine being able to see first-time/repeat purchasers and existing/prior season pass holders all in the same database. Then being able to segment and interact with them in meaningful ways. This can propel the success of your venue in the short term and future-proof your organization for the long term.

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