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RDFS: Our 4 Step Framework

How many silver linings have you found through the Covid-19 pandemic?

One benefit is that it has resulted in a huge technology accelerator across industries, and especially for online ticket sales for venues.

During COVID, venues that could open were requiring 100% of their tickets to be purchased pre-arrival and online. Pre-COVID, our estimates seemed more like 30-50% of overall ticket sales. Once things return to normal – or as normal as they are going to get, we believe that around 70% of purchases will continue to be online.

So how can we leverage that data to increase visitation and per caps through digital engagement and personalization?

By using our 4-Step framework, we can build actionable programs/tactics that align with the venue's core priorities.

Recency: Provide a reason to book now

Frequency: Drive repeat visitation

Duration: Increase length of stay

Spend: Spend/Give more per visit

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