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How Can Salesforce Help to Ensure Good Data Quality?

How can Salesforce help you to establish and maintain your data quality?

Establishing and maintaining data quality is essential for any business that relies on customer data. Not only does accurate data enable better decision-making, but it also helps to build trust with customers and other stakeholders.

Salesforce can help you to establish and maintain your data quality in a number of ways. A few high level features include:

  1. Reporting and Monitoring: Data Quality Analysis Dashboards: This app provides a series of preconfigured dashboards. By leveraging custom fields on many standard objects you can measure data quality and record completeness.

  2. Validation Rules: Validation rules can be used to simply ensure a field has the required value in, particularly if the data in the field is dependent upon other data or statuses in the record. Consider putting an extra check in the rule that allows you to use a custom setting to bypass validation rules in particular circumstances, i.e. mass data loads.

  3. Data Cleansing and Advanced Validation: Where validation rules can help you check the format of a postcode, or finance details, they can't confirm that the data is actually valid. For this, we head to the AppExchange and our partner products that can perform address, email, and bank verification to name a few.

  4. Duplicate Management: Salesforce has duplicate management out of the box and can provide you with a simple alert on a duplicate record or prevent the duplicate from being entered.

  5. Data Usage: Salesforce Optimizer is a useful tool to help you understand completeness and timeliness. Using the data list section you can see field usage to determine which fields are empty.

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