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  • TJ Christensen

Guest Experience is a Team Effort

Many operators know that everyone plays a role in making sure every guest has a great experience at their venue.

If you’ve ever worked for Disney you know this better than most. Anytime you step out into the park you’re on-stage. From executives to ride operators to custodial staff, everyone knows to put the guest experience first.

Why then is it so hard for venues to embrace this same concept from a digital perspective?

Your brand is “on stage” 24/7/365. How and where your customers interact and more importantly where they transact is changing dramatically.

That’s why we love how easy Salesforce makes it to bring in data from other sources to get a 360 view of the guest. How and where they’ve interacted with your brand, what they’ve purchased, and AI-driven suggestions on what you should offer them next.

It’s all there and more importantly achievable.

Check out this recent blog that talks a bit about how retailers are embracing salesforce and the customer experience.

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