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6 Ways To Send an Email In Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How many different ways can you send an email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

As you become more familiar with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will find that there are multiple ways to achieve the same outcome.

Sending emails using Marketing Cloud is a key example. Even experienced users can sometimes find it hard to choose between the options available.

Email marketing sits at the core of this platform as the main functionality the Marketing Cloud product is built upon. Depending on what you have access to, you can configure and trigger emails from different parts of the platform. So here are our 6 ways to send an email:

  1. Send Flow: This is the most popular, allowing you to email any audience type, such as a list, data extension or even a Salesforce report or campaign.

  2. User-Initiated: These are sent to multiple recipients at the same time to data extensions. Use this function when reusing the same audience & settings.

  3. Salesforce Sends: These are email sends to Salesforce Data Extensions, or Salesforce report imports into Marketing Cloud. When you leverage this method you can sync the email and send data back to the Salesforce contact record.

  4. Triggered Sends: These are emails sent to individuals, one by one in real time following an action or trigger in Salesforce.

  5. Journey Builder: With journeys you can build and automate complex email campaigns to ensure the right message is sent at just the right time.

  6. A/B Testing: Can't decide which image or copy you like best? then use A/B testing and let Einstein figure it out for you!

If you haven't tried all 6 methods, I'd encourage you to do some testing and give them a go. You might discover new insights and capabilities you've been dreaming of that have been there all along.

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